"company": {
    "name": "Emerge Tools",
    "stage": "Seed",
    "url": "https://emergetools.com/",
    "description": "Emerge is building tools to monitor and reduce size of mobile apps."
  "job": {
    "title": "Senior Mobile Engineer",
    "location": "Remote",
    "salary": "$100k - $200k",
    "referral": false,
    "url": "https://ycombinator.com/companies/emerge-tools/jobs/5Y3MCJi-senior-mobile-engineer",
    "description": "Emerge Tools is the ultimate mobile performance platform which allows to monitor and reduce app size with their binary size profiling. I've only heard good things about this small but super interesting company. The successful candidate will be responsible for implementing low level measurement and tooling in iOS apps, while analyzing the best ways to improve upon common development patterns."