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There are two ways to download iOS apps from Apple App Store for your attention:

  1. Using Apple Configurator 2 (legal way)

    • Here you need to have an app on your phone.
  2. Using any iOS executable dumper (illegal way)

    • Here you have to be Jailbroken.

    Xcode image

    Those apps placed here. HTTP, Carl! ~ http://iosapps.itunes.apple.com

Using Apple Configurator

  1. Download an app from App Store to your phone

  2. Open Apple Configurator 2 on your Mac and log into your Apple account

  3. Connect your phone to your Mac using a USB cable

  4. Into Apple Configurator 2 select your phone

  5. Then tap on the «Add» button in the top, then tap on Apps button

  6. Choose the app and tap on «Add» button

  7. Finally it could tell you an app already exists, but don’t worry — just be in a hurry to grab an .ipa using this path:

~/Library/Group\ Containers/K36BKF7T3D.group.com.apple.configurator/Library/Caches/Assets/TemporaryItems/MobileApps/

Using any iOS executable dumper

As I said for this method you will need a Jailbreak. It can be illegal and provoke side effects, so do it at your own risk. When writing this article I used Checkra1n and frida-ios-dump for this purpose.

On device:

  1. Make a Jailbreak

  2. Open Cydia app

  3. Add the source «https://build.frida.re»

  4. Search for Frida and install it

On computer:

  1. Install frida

     $ pip3 install frida-tools
  2. Install frida-ios-dump

     $ git clone https://github.com/AloneMonkey/frida-ios-dump.git
     $ cd frida-ios-dump
     $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt --upgrade
  3. Install usbmuxd

     $ brew install usbmuxd
  4. Connect to your phone using ssh

     $ iproxy 2222 44 & sleep 3
     $ ssh -p 2222 [email protected] # default password: alpine
  5. Open a new Terminal window and pull decrypted .ipa

     $ cd frida-ios-dump
     $ python3 dump.py "<your_bundle>" # default password: alpine


Downloading apps from Apple App Store is pretty hard process, but still possible as manually as automated.

Also you could to find an answer how to download an .apk from Android Play Store here.