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Sniffing network traffic on Android ≥7


Today I want to write about sniffing network traffic on Android. Let me show you what we had before and what we have after Android Nougat:


In other words, Google removed the feature to sniff a network traffic out of the box in Android Nougat. Furthermore, it means, that you won’t be able to sniff a network traffic in apps from Play Market. Thereby, we should install network security config manually to resurrect sniffing feature. There are two ways to do it:

  • add network_security_config.xml in the source
  • inject network_security_config.xml in an .apk file



Addition network_security_config.xml in the source

  • default
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest ... >
    <application android:networkSecurityConfig="@xml/network_security_config"
                    ... >
  • custom
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <domain includeSubdomains="true">example.com</domain>
            <certificates src="@raw/my_ca"/>

But there is a high probability, that Google may reject apps have network_security_config.xml, because it’s a «care» about peace, rock ‘n’ roll and safety.

Injection network_security_config.xml in an .apk file

Here we are able to build a release .apk, duplicate it and make a network_security_config.xml injection. So, let’s start:

  1. Build an .apk
  2. Clone the repo:

     git clone https://github.com/levyitay/AddSecurityExceptionAndroid.git
  3. Run a script from the repo:

     ./addSecurityExceptions.sh yourApp.apk
    • the script unpacks your .apk via apktool
    • injects network_security_config.xml into AndroidManifest.xml
    • signs and repacks your .apk
  4. Your app is ready for test, install it and enjoy the sniffing


Hope it was interesting or at least a bit useful (:

Thanks for the reading and see you!