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Android apps under the microscope

Would you like to look under the hood of any Android app?

You are welcome! (:


  • dex2jar — tool for converting .dex file to .class files
brew install dex2jar
  • jd-gui — tool for decompiling and analysing Java byte code
brew cask install jd-gui

Let’s go

  1. First of all we should get the .apk. If you haven’t one, you are able to download it from store (for more info read this note.

  2. Then we need to convert our .apk into the classes (.jar):

     d2j-dex2jar test.apk -o test.jar
  3. Eventually we should just decompile received .jar and look under the hood:

     open -a jd-gui test.jar


Today we affect two awesome tools — dex2jar and jd-gui. Suggest you to put them into practice. Perhaps it will be a deeply fascinating diving in reverse engineering.

Thanks and see you later (: